Existing Patient

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  • To schedule an office visit, contact your doctor’s clinical coordinator by calling or emailing (Link to Directory)
  • To schedule a Virtual Colonoscopy or CT scan, contact the Colon Health Center of DE at 302-995-2656 or email alice@midatlanticgi.com
  • To schedule an EGD, Colonoscopy or other procedure with sedation, you may either call or email. Please follow the instructions below to expedite scheduling

Call 302-225-2380 and choose option #2 for the scheduling department or leave a message at Ext. 4351. You may expedite the scheduling process by reviewing the Pre-Procedure Questionnaire found on this website. You will be asked the questions on this form when you are scheduled for your EGD and/or Colonoscopy. Email scheduling@midatlanticgi.com and make your request. You may expedite the scheduling process for Colonoscopy and/or EGD by completing and returning (fax, email, or regular post) the Pre-procedure Questionnaire found on this website. *Please also review the following forms: EGD Prep instructions, Colonoscopy Prep Instructions and Video, Colon Cancer Screening Options, Instructions for Obtaining Bowel Prep.